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Good takeaway.

Julian, 28 Nov 2021

Amazing food every time

Kevin, 26 Nov 2021

Awesome food, love the pink sauce you supply, just wish I knew what it was, it's lovely !...

Kenneth, 23 Nov 2021

Great menu, huge choice, lovely food, delivery can sometimes take a long time but it’s always indicated approx how long it will take, however it did take longer today.

Karen, 21 Nov 2021

Ryan, 20 Nov 2021

Wasn’t impressed with the wrap, garlic Turkish rolls were flatbreads & bbq sauce was quite spicy on the wings. Food wasn’t bad, but didn’t all hit the spot.

Joshua, 20 Nov 2021

Alway a good meal

Steff, 13 Nov 2021

Excellent service and lovely food

Sheena, 10 Nov 2021


Cristal, 09 Nov 2021

Great service great food! Consistently high quality!!

Rhys, 07 Nov 2021

Nice food

Sion, 06 Nov 2021

Grandes is the best place to get pizza

Rachel, 01 Nov 2021

Really love grandes

Rachel, 01 Nov 2021

Bang on every time!

Rhys, 01 Nov 2021

Usually awesome but last order was hard to bite into, plus it came with the wrong sauces... and it felt like it had been re-heated from the day before which was very very disappointing. Love Grandes food 100% but that has tainted my opinion slightly.

Kenneth, 31 Oct 2021

Nice food

Angharad, 31 Oct 2021

Love the food here always good service and friendly. Only downside is sauces and beans are a little pricey but food is great.

Sara, 29 Oct 2021


Lucy, 23 Oct 2021


Anthony, 19 Oct 2021

Hi, love all the food you make, it's all great, but sometimes when I get nuggets or chicken strips it's so hot that when it's put in the plastic boxes it melts on the inside and then my food tastes like plastic. Not sure if it happens with any other foods. You could maybe put them in paper bags or get some cardboard boxes to put food in, as it would also then be better for the environment:))

Jimmy, 19 Oct 2021


Heulwen, 19 Oct 2021

Food is always banging! Keep up the good work y'all

Stacey, 17 Oct 2021

Lovely food

Nathan, 17 Oct 2021

Nice food very friendly staff Food always hot on arrival

Susan, 15 Oct 2021


Veronica, 14 Oct 2021

Forgot my morzara sticks

Fran, 10 Oct 2021